Malek Adjadj Partner

Malek Adjadj’s practice has a particular focus on consulting and judicial disputes in the fields of public, civil and commercial law. Further, he has an expertise in administrative law, corporate and contract law as well as in real-estate law. He advises and assists private clients, small and mid-sized companies and public corporations in his areas of competence. Malek Adjadj is Deputy judge at the Administrative Court of First Instance. He joined Fontanet & Associés in 2000 and became a partner in 2006. Malek Adjadj is also actively involved in the fields of associations and sport. He is a council member of the Bruno Boscardin Foundation ( and the E. and G. Gelbert Foundation ( Further, he was a member of the TransPolar08 team which established a new world speed record for flying around the earth over North and South Poles. Transpolar08 still detains the world speed record ( 

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